Partner Portal

Mentech has developed a digital platform called “Partner Portal” that can gather your company’s overview and efficiency in one place.

We have developed a customized partner portal for each industry for businesses, public institutions, and insurance companies. In our tailored Partner Portal, you can manage all service cases and track them.

Manage the following in our partner portal:

The platform is unique in the market and helps streamline all processes such as:

For public institutions, Mentech is also able to handle SKI agreements.

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Unique solutions

We have developed several unique solutions as an extension of our digital platform.
Read more about the different solutions below:

Get the best service

At Mentech, authorized quality work, good service, and sustainability are paramount. As a customer or business partner with Mentech, you will be assigned a dedicated contact person who will understand your business and needs.

Our many years of experience in the industry and efficient work routines mean that you will receive an answer on a repair within 24 hours - often the same day. We have trained, certified technicians with many years of experience who are authorized to work with the major brands that Mentech collaborates with, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Acer, and more.

At our IT workshop, we have all the high-tech equipment needed to perform all kinds of repairs - from ultrasonic cleaning of liquid damage to point 0 soldering and micro welding.

We stock several thousand spare parts, which means fast repairs at competitive prices.

Preserve your warranty

At Mentech, your warranty is safeguarded. As an authorized service center, we provide warranty on all repairs, assuring you of quality service. Teaming up with top global brands, we maintain manufacturer standards, ensuring your warranty remains intact. Count on us for reliable service and warranty protection for your electronics.

We pick up and deliver at your address

With a cooperation agreement with Mentech, we provide extra transport services. In our own transport department, the drivers are available 37 hours a week to handle and transport your cases.

Mentech's drivers strive for lightning-fast handling of shipments so that you don't have to be without your devices longer than necessary.

With our digital solutions, you control how your logistics should function. Whether you want next-day pickup or personal delivery to our nearest service center, we can tailor the solution precisely to your needs.

One partner for all your consumer electronics

Instead of having to use multiple partners to service your IT equipment, Mentech has gathered all services in one place. This reduces administrative time and costs. At Mentech, we service and repair all consumer electronics, including home appliances.

We are the only ones in the Danish market who handle all consumer electronics. We function as a complete online and outsourced workshop for our customers. The entire concept is also gathered on one online Partner Portal - Mentech's own.

In Mentech's Partner Portal, you get a complete overview: the process, ordering pickup, approval of offers, budget, follow-up, and much more.

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