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Mentech is revolutionizing the way businesses connect. Our Global Service Supply Chain Network (GSS) isn’t just about making connections, it’s about forging new partnerships that open doors to endless opportunities. As an electronic repair shop, we’ve expanded our horizon by creating innovative IT- solutions designed to streamline operations and foster growth.

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Apply now to connect your company to Mentech’s Global Service Supply Chain Network (GSS) for free! Seamlessly expand your reach and enhance connections, accessing unparalleled opportunities for international market navigation, timely delivery, and optimized inventory management. Gain a competitive edge and explore new horizons with Mentech’s support, all at your fingertips.

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Mentech’s global service supply chain network (GSS) is a game-changer for partners seeking to expand their reach and increase connections. Leveraging unparalleled expertise and network, partners navigate international markets seamlessly, ensuring timely delivery and optimized inventory management. Gain a competitive edge and unlock new opportunities with Mentech’s support.

Fully optimized ADM system

Mentech’s cloud based system redefines application development, enabling rapid iteration and deployment. It empowers organizations to accelerate development cycles while ensuring peak performance and reliability. Embracing innovation, Mentech  keeps businesses ahead in the dynamic digital market.


" Starting the collaboration with Mentech has been a pleasure and completely uncomplicated. We have been met with great insight and flexibility in the process, and a mindset of constantly prioritizing the needs of the customer - both the insurance company and the policyholders. "

Jesper Olsen & Tine Stabell-Jørgensen

Purchasing Manager & Team Leader, Alm Brand


" From the beginning of our collaboration, Mentech has shown tremendous willingness and flexibility in working towards a shared digital process for the repair of damaged electronic products. "

Emil Ziyanak

Department Manager, Alka


" Mentech has an absolutely fantastic mindset when it comes to handling customers, and it shines through in everything they do. In Mentech, we have found an extremely competent and professional partner, and we look forward to expanding our collaboration with them. "

Mia Franke Saugsted

Head of Administration, Lokal Forsikring


" Mentech always provides a professional, fast, and personalized service that we have been happy to utilize. It is our impression and hope that we will continue to use Mentech for many years to come. "

Tais Johansen

Category Manager, Scalepoint

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