Screen Replacement for All Devices

At Mentech, we replace screens on all consumer electronics in the market. With an IT service workshop spanning over 5000 square meters, we always have screens for most models in stock. This means we can install a new screen, and you’ll typically have your device back within just 2 hours.

If one or more of your company’s devices are in need of a screen replacement, let Mentech handle it. Our technicians at Mentech are authorized, ensuring that your screen replacement is done correctly.

Call our B2B support to learn exactly what we can do for your company. You can find the number here.

At Mentech, we use screen protectors from Panzerglas. Contact our B2B support here to learn more about the installation of screen protectors.

As Mentech is part of a larger import network, we can always offer Denmark’s best prices. Our services are priced based on the costs of being authorized providers for the world’s leading brands. Mentech takes pride in delivering high-level customer service, and we use only quality products and authorized parts from our partners.

Contact our B2B support here to learn more about prices and to explore the best options for your company.

Gross Salary Scheme

Empower your workforce by allowing them to select their preferred devices. This approach not only fosters contentment but also enhances productivity among employees. Mentech provides tailored gross salary packages designed for our corporate clients. Explore our range of gross salary schemes online or contact our B2B customer service for more information.

Warranty repairs

Mentech is an authorized service provider for Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and Acer. We can perform repairs on your product within the warranty period. We always provide a 2-year warranty on all our repairs.

Create the case before arrival

You can create a case before arrival. This saves your company time, and one of your employees can simply submit the device at the counter. Follow the link below and within a few minutes you will be one step closer to a functional device.

See repair prices here.



Welcome to Mentech

Our customers are always welcome to visit one of our Mentech service locations. We always offer coffee from our machines while you wait.

Contact us

Call us at 0013616663641 - or send us an SMS at 0013616663641. No matter how you contact us, we are ready to help you.