iPhone Repair

iPhone Repair

At Mentech, your company can have all models of iPhones repaired and serviced. If one or more employees have defective smartphones, your company or an employee can send them to one of our stores or visit in person.

 Mentech offers skilled technicians who specialize in repairing iPhones. With a big stock of parts readily available in-house, we ensure prompt and efficient repairs. Rest assured, your iPhones will be returned in perfect working condition, just like they came from the manufacturer.

 With repairs conducted by Mentech, your company’s devices are handled with care and expertise, ensuring they’re back in peak condition without delay.

Submission of device

At Mentech, your company has several options for submitting your devices:

  • Send the products by mail with a completed case document.
  • Physical presence in the store, see the walk-in solution.
  • Let Mentech pick up your devices at your location. Contact us here to learn more about prices.

Screen Replacement

If stock is available, a repair can often be offered while you wait in the store or nearby. A screen repair typically takes up to 2-3 hours.

Gross Salary Scheme

Let your employees choose the devices they prefer. It leads to happier and more productive employees. Mentech also offers customized gross salary schemes for our business customers.

See our gross salary schemes here or call our B2B customer service, you can find the number here.

Before you submit your product for service, it is important that you deactivate 'Find My iPhone', otherwise, it will not be possible for us to service your product.

Create the case before arrival

You can create a case before arrival. This saves your company time, and one of your employees can simply submit the device at the counter. Follow the link below and within a few minutes you will be one step closer to a functional device.

See repair prices here.