“Code of Conduct”

Code of conduct for Mentech A/S and partners

Mentech A/S is an authorized repairer and service provider for Samsung, Huawei, Acer, Motorola, Lenovo, Dreame and OKAI. We specialize in customized IT solutions and repairs for private customers, businesses, the insurance industry and public institutions.


Mentech A/S deviates from the use-and-throw-away culture. We aim to use functional components from IT cards to produce new consumer electronics and extend their lifecycle.

FN's 17 goals

As part of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we have, among other things, joined the UN’s Global Compact. Mentech has committed to following the 10 principles for human and labor rights, climate, environment, and anti-corruption.

Think innovatively

We strive for constant development. Therefore, the status quo is challenged with a focus on new ways and methods of thinking. Innovation has and will always be welcomed with an open mind.


There should be room for all of us. Mentech is therefore committed to increasing well-being and the right to be oneself despite gender, age, religion, belief, sexuality, and skin color.

FN’s Global Compact
Mentech has joined the UN Global Compact (Global Compact Network Denmark) and has thereby committed to following the 10 principles for human and labor rights, climate, environment, and anti-corruption. These principles are reflected in our code of conduct. (See page 5)

Employment Conditions
Since 2017, Mentech has employed personnel under the Danish Industry Agreement (DI) to ensure proper conditions and safety for each individual. In addition, we always follow applicable rules of the labor law for office employees and since December 1st, 2021, we have offered all employees pension, health insurance, loss of earning capacity, life insurance, and critical illness insurance.

Sustainable business strategy

Our entire business strategy is built on the premise of extending the lifespan of electronic products, so they can have a new life instead of ending up in the trash. We do this by repairing and refurbishing used electronics, as well as reusing usable spare parts from defective devices. By repairing and reusing electronics, we avoid the need to produce new products. This means that we reduce the emission of CO2 and the depletion of the earth’s resources. We ensure the creation of a circular economy where resources that would otherwise have ended up in the trash become part of the value chain and are incorporated into production again.

Personal data

Mentech A/S stores personal data on encrypted and secure servers within the EU. All our servers are protected behind firewalls, and the transmission of personal data is encrypted. Some of the personal data is managed by a third party that stores and processes personal data on behalf of Mentech A/S in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Mentech A/S has entered into data processing agreements with these third parties to ensure that they comply with the law and the relevant requirements, both for us and for you. We only store personal data for as long as necessary, in relation to the stated purpose.

Mentech ECO’s purpose is to reduce the world’s amount of IT scrap. We do this by giving new life to electronic waste and transforming it into new consumer electronics. When using Mentech ECO’s recycling program, an electronic product’s cycle will look like this:


rather than


Mentech ”Code of Conduct”

Code of Conduct for Mentech A/S and partners


This Code of Conduct is the company’s guidelines for responsibility, social, ethical, environmental conditions, and good practices. This report is a code of conduct for Mentech and partners. Mentech A/S is a service provider for brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Acer, and Motorola. We specialize in tailored IT solutions for businesses, insurance companies, public authorities, and private customers. We value the right working conditions for everyone who is part of Mentech regardless of position and affiliation.