Phone and Tablet Repairs

Troubleshooting and repair of phones and tablets

Our service team repairs all mobile phones and tablets. No task is too small or too large. At Mentech, your company has several options for submitting the devices, which you can read about below:

  1. Send your products by mail with a completed case document, which you can find here.
  2. Visit one of our stores with your product and let a technician assess the issue. You can find us here.
  3. Let Mentech pick up your devices at your location. Contact us here to learn more about prices.

We service and repair for some of the world’s leading brands through a fully authorized partnership agreement. We collaborate with companies such as Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei, among others. We also repair all other brands like Apple, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony, etc.

Contact our B2B customer service here for further information and to discuss what works best for you and your company.

Gross Salary Scheme

Mentech offers tailored gross salary schemes for our business customers. Let your employees choose the devices they prefer. It leads to happier and more productive employees.

See our gross salary schemes here or call our B2B customer service here.

Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Acer Warranty Repairs

If your product is within the warranty, and if the damage is covered by it, the repair is free of charge for you. Mentech is an authorized service center, and we can perform repairs on your product both within and outside of the warranty. At Mentech, we always provide a 2-year warranty on all repairs we perform, regardless of the product, brand, or model.

Express Repair

Don't have time to wait? Use our express service.

Express service means your case gets top priority and moves to the front of the queue.

We diagnose the issue within just 2 hours, and if it can be fixed immediately, we'll do it while you wait.

Contact us here to learn more about express service and its prices.

Create the case before arrival

You can create a case before arrival. This saves your company time, and one of your employees can simply submit the device at the counter. Follow the link below and within a few minutes you will be one step closer to a functional device.

See repair prices here.



Welcome to Mentech

Our customers are always welcome to visit one of our Mentech service locations. We always offer coffee from our machines while you wait.

Contact us

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