ECO Solution

Mentech’s ECO Solution is a solution where we help you as a customer dispose of your outdated or defective electronics in the right and sustainable way. If the electronics still have value, they get a new life through us. In addition, we give you an amount for the value of your submitted product. You can advantageously use that amount in our Mentech Eco store, where you can buy restored, fully functional, and sustainable electronics at extremely sharp prices.

Mentech helps with proper and environmentally friendly disposal of old IT scrap. We can also ensure that data is cleared from your phones, tablets, computers, etc. under the right conditions and procedures.

It should not be difficult to choose the environmentally friendly path. At Mentech, we will do everything we can to make the environmentally friendly option attractive within the world of technology.

GDPR rules

All data and information are processed and handled within GDPR guidelines.

At Mentech, we understand the importance of keeping data confidential. Therefore, we can guarantee that when clearing data, we handle your devices with complete confidential handling.

If you have requested Mentech to clear your data, each device is examined before and after clearing. This ensures that no traces of data are left when the order is completed.

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