Repair of iPhone

    Mentech provides repair services for all iPhone models, ensuring the quality and functionality of your device.

    If desired, we can also apply a screen protector during the repair or screen replacement. We have been offering iPhone repairs since 2009 and currently repair over 100,000 devices annually. With our extensive experience, we can assist with the precise repair or service your phone needs.

    If your Apple product requires technical assistance, you can easily schedule an appointment with us. This way, you can drop off your device at our store more quickly when needed. We have stores in Aalborg, Aarhus, Vejle, Odense, Glostrup, and Frederiksberg. Visit your nearest Mentech workshop, where our staff is ready to assist you

    iPhone repair?

    At Mentech, we repair and service all iPhone models. Your iPhone will be returned to you functioning just as it should, as if it came directly from the manufacturer.

     Whether your iPhone requires a new screen, rear glass replacement, or any other form of repair, Mentech is committed to providing you with the best service. Despite technological advancements and iPhones being more durable than ever, wear and tear or accidents can still occur, leading to issues. Regular use, weather conditions, or unfortunate incidents can all contribute to problems with your iPhone. At Mentech, we’re prepared to offer professional repairs and service, addressing your device’s needs effectively.

    Mentech is always equipped with the market’s best tools to provide top-notch repairs and service. We strive to keep the most essential spare parts in stock to service your product as quickly as possible.

    Which iPhone models do we repair?

    At Mentech, we offer service for all iPhone models. We also repair MacBooks, iPads, Apple watches and all other Apple products 

    Service: Device Submission

    At Mentech, you have several options for submitting your iPhone:

      1. Send in your iPhone via mail with a completed case  document
      2. Visit one of our physical stores. Find your closest store here.
      3. Let Mentech pick up your devices at your location.

      Screen Replacement

      If our inventory allows, a repair can often be offered while you wait in the store or nearby. An iPhone screen repair typically takes 1-2 hours, depending on the availability of our inventory.

      Before you submit your product for service, it is important that you deactivate 'Find My iPhone', otherwise, it will not be possible for us to service your product.

      Create your case from home

      Skip the queue!

      Did you know that you can enter your case before you arrive and skip the queue? It saves you time, and you can simply submit your device at the counter or send it by mail. Follow the link below, and within a few minutes, you will be one step closer to a functional product.

      See repair prices here.