Our premise is that our electronics get a new life instead of ending up in the trash.

Circular economy is an economic model aimed at utilizing resources as efficiently as possible and minimizing waste. Circular economy is a more sustainable approach to production and consumption that takes into account the environment and preserves resources better, ensuring that they are not wasted.

At Mentech, we use the following model to ensure that we contribute as much as possible to a circular economy. We rescue electronics from being unnecessarily scrapped, repair what we can, and resell it. In this way, we can be useful to consumers who want to make a green effort and at the same time have good IT at a low price.

Circular economy

Our solution model creates new opportunities for a more sustainable lifecycle of consumer electronics.


The concept of Mentech ECO differs from the use-and-throw-away culture. Therefore, we use functional components to repair defective electronics, renew them, and send them back to the consumer through repair or sale. If there is no possibility of giving the electronics new life, Mentech helps with proper and environmentally friendly disposal.

Repair and service

At Mentech, we carry out over 100,000 repairs of electronics annually. This means that we save the environment from about 50,000 tons of CO2 emissions by repairing, restoring, and selling electronics, thereby saving on the production of new ones. We repair and service all mobile phones, tablets, computers, and various other electronics. We are authorized Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Acer, Motorola, and Gorunner service providers.


Over 90% of Danish homes have computers and smartphones. In 2016, studies showed that up to 60% of Danes tended to replace their mobile phones to have the latest top model. However, it seems that more people today keep their phones for more than 3 years. Mentech ECO’s mission is to meet people’s needs and desires to renew their electronic products but in an environmentally friendly way.

Production of new electronics

In the production of new electronics, precious raw materials are used, which must be processed. Most electronics consist, for example, of metals, which are only found in limited quantities and often in areas such as China or Africa. Often, the raw materials are extracted there under environmentally and health-damaging conditions, which also require a lot of energy.


When the finished products are to be transported from the production site to the final distribution channel, which will resell them to the consumer, it is also a significant climate burden. In Denmark alone, trucks emit almost 2 million tons of CO2 annually.

“The European Commission has estimated that increased resource efficiency throughout the value chain can reduce material consumption by 17-24% by 2030 and save the European industry €30 billion, which also generates growth potential for Danish companies that can contribute with their expertise in circular economy. 

– Danish Standard 2022 .


Clear solutions that contribute to circular economy.

Mentech ECO 1

Fixed kilo price for collection/responsible disposal of IT scrap.

Mentech ECO 2

Fixed kilo price for collection/responsible disposal of IT scrap, including all devices being checked for data.

Mentech ECO Drive

Sikret afhentning tur/retur” translates to “Secured pick-up round-trip” in English.

Mentech ECO Wipe

All data on the device is erased, followed by destruction of the device.

Mentech ECO Recycle

We take the functional components of your IT scrap with value to produce new consumer electronics. IT scrap without value is handled with ECO Wipe.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Our modern Ultrasonic Lab can clean liquid-damaged electronics and give it new life again. Payment is only made upon successful cleaning.

Learn more about our responsible, environmentally friendly disposal of old IT scrap.

Mentech’s company strategy is based on extending the lifespan of electronic products as much as possible. Our premise is that our electronics get a new life instead of ending up in the trash. If the defective electronics cannot be saved, we ensure that it is scrapped responsibly and under environmentally friendly conditions.

When we repair and reuse electronics, we avoid putting new products into production. This means that we reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the depletion of the earth’s resources. We ensure to create a circular economy where resources that would otherwise have ended up in the trash become part of the value chain and are incorporated back into production.