1. Personal information

See our privacy policy

2. Repair agreement

All of our services are ordered online, by phone, or by personal agreement. All orders and agreements are registered in our system under the current repair case. You can learn more about this on our customer portal www.mentech.io.

3. Processing

Mentech processes all repairs within 24 hours, provided that the spare part is in stock. If the spare part needs to be ordered, the delivery time is determined by the current supplier’s inventory. You will always be kept informed via our automatic SMS info system.

4. Shipping

We try to ship orders and repairs on the same day the parts are received or the repair is completed, as far as possible. We also send packages abroad, as well as to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. We deliver with UPS, Post Denmark, GLS, and TNT. We can pick up and deliver worldwide.

5. Shipping rates

As a starting point, the price of a shipment depends on the service required for the case. For example, it can be pick-up by UPS 199,- + delivery and packaged via Post DK 129,- The current shipping price is agreed in advance and will appear on your repair case.

6. Prices

Prices stated, for example, in the offer content, sales estimate, etc. are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. All prices related to payment are stated including 25% VAT. Our typical normal shipping is DKK 129 and includes packing and shipping of all types of notebooks and mobile devices. PCs/servers/TVs, etc., have individual shipping options and are agreed upon subsequently.

7. Payment

Payment is made via an SSL connection and handled by ePay, www.epay.dk. This means that your data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Information from your payment card is not available to Mentech but is handled exclusively by ePay. We will charge the approved amount to your account when we process your acceptance/order.

8. Right of withdrawal

Any spare parts are ordered items, and the right of withdrawal expires when they are received from the supplier, typically after 1-2 business days. Started services such as backup, reinstallation, quotation, etc., cannot be withdrawn.

9. Warranty and Complaints

The right of complaint for private individuals covers all errors that can be attributed to product defects or errors that arise as a result of normal use of the item. This does not include natural wear and tear, incorrect use of the item, or similar, nor damages covered by insurance or the like.

The warranty for businesses, insurance companies, and public entities is subject to the specific written agreements entered into. In the absence of any written agreement, warranties are only considered from the manufacturer’s warranties provided at the time of the claim, and from the manufacturers with whom we may have an agreement at that time. If there are no additional manufacturers available at the time of the claim, and there is no written agreement with Mentech regarding this, the claim is considered an Out Of Warranty (OOW) case and must be paid for by the customer requesting the service.

10. Terms & Acceptance

When you shop at Mentech, you accept our overall trading terms and conditions as a customer.

11. Case storage

We store your case for up to 3 months. If the case is not collected after the 3-month expiration or after a scrapping warning, a fee of DKK 300 will be charged, and the case will be scrapped without further notice.

12. Code and software

Code and software developed by Mentech A/S may not be copied or redistributed to parties other than the company itself. This can only be done by written agreement between the parties, Mentech A/S, and the customer.

13. Reservation

Mentech A/S reserves the right for typos, sold-out items, and force majeure – including delivery failure from our suppliers.

14. Data & backup

In connection with troubleshooting or repair, data may be lost, so it is always necessary to take a backup before submission. Mentech A/S is in no way responsible for data loss in connection with repair or troubleshooting.

15. Service agreements
  • Free troubleshooting is offered for the registered serial/IMEI number of the agreement until the expiration of the agreement.
  • Free device cleaning is offered once a year within the validity of the agreement.
  • When using free hotline support, guidance for hardware issues and help with repairs is offered.
16. Live chat

By using the live chat, you give consent for the conversation to be recorded, and we may use the recording for quality control and training purposes.