Appliance repair

Mentech handles appliances and collaborates with several subcontractors. We offer troubleshooting, service and repair at your address.

Troubleshooting and delivery typically have a starting price of 1200 DKK. After troubleshooting, you will receive a non-binding offer for repair of the problem.

If you have one or more defective appliances, we prefer a call where we can agree on price and process. Contact our B2B support for appliance repairs.

Create your case from home

Skip the queue!

Did you know that you can enter your case before you arrive and skip the queue? It saves you time, and you can simply submit your device at the counter or send it by mail. Follow the link below, and within a few minutes, you will be one step closer to a functional product.

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Welcome to Mentech

Our customers are always welcome to visit one of our Mentech service locations. We always offer coffee from our machines while you wait.

Contact us

Call us at 0013616663641 - or send us an SMS at 0013616663641. No matter how you contact us, we are ready to help you.