Corporate Social Responsibility

Mentech’s business strategy is based on extending the lifespan of electronic products as much as possible. Our assumption is that our electronics will have a new life instead of ending up in the trash. If the defective electronics cannot be saved, we ensure that it is scrapped properly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

By repairing and reusing electronics, we avoid putting new items into production. This means that we reduce the emission of CO2 and reduce the depletion of the earth’s resources. We ensure the creation of a circular economy where resources that would otherwise end up in the trash become part of the value chain and are incorporated into production again.

Mentech ECO Solutions

Mentechs ECO Solutions is our proposal for a collaboration on the handling of electronics. Many companies have a high consumption of electronics and frequently replace materials. It can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task to figure out how to minimize the extent and overall carbon footprint of electronic waste.

Mentech specializes in the collection and responsible disposal of electronics, and with various solutions, we strive to reuse and recycle the parts as much as possible to repair. For us, this is green electronics.

Mentech ECO Solutions is a digital total solution gathered on one platform, where customers can follow the entire process – from ordering pickup to approval of offers, budget, follow-up, and much more.

Our Mentech drivers exclusively use our own secured and tracked cars for transportation.

Mentech ECO 1: 4,- pr. kilo
Mentech’s second ECO Solution is for those with preferences in data processing. Of course, we work in accordance with GDPR legislation, so with this solution, we control all units in connection with data deletion before we start processing.

Mentech ECO 2: 8,- pr. kilo

Mentech’s second ECO Solution is for those with preferences in data processing. Of course, we work in accordance with GDPR legislation, so with this solution, we control all units in connection with data deletion before we start processing.

When we have collected your electronics, you can use these two options for the time being: Mentech ECO Recycle and Mentech ECO Wipe.

With the Mentech ECO Recycle solution, we take all units with value, delete data, remove any logos, and sell them to new end-users.

The units and materials that cannot be reused or recycled due to current technology and investments, we use in the Mentech ECO Wipe solution. Here, you pay 65,- per larger unit – e.g., computers and the like – and 35,- per smaller unit – e.g., phones. All data is deleted from the units, after which we destroy them with the utmost consideration for the environment.

Mentech collaborates with, among others:

“The past years, we have recycled and repaired many types of IT components together with the skilled people from Mentech. This means that we have not only given a lot of electronics a brand new life, but we have also reduced our waste by extending the products’ lifespan. This makes a lot of sense instead of just throwing things away, and it contributes to the fight for a better and greener environment.”

Brian Wahl Olsen.
Director of Damage Partnerships and Prevention at Alm. Brand

Sustainable Development

Goal 7. Affordable and Clean Energy.
The future – solely renewable energy sources?

Mentech and Mentech ECO have 100% green energy at all service locations. We want to take responsibility for creating a world that runs only on green energy without exception. Especially since the world’s energy consumption still consists of 80% fossil fuels. Therefore, all our departments in

Denmark, Norway, and Sweden now exclusively use electricity from renewable energy sources. To make this possible, we spent a lot of time in 2020 and 2021 negotiating new, green electricity contracts.

The contracts were made with the supply market on a Nordic level, in close collaboration with energy companies Ørsted, NORLYS, Fjorkraft in Norway, and E-ON in Sweden.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production.
Can we reduce our carbon footprint through more responsible consumption?

The core of Goal 12 is our consumption patterns, our behavior, and the way we use our resources, socially, commercially, or as a society.

Here, our contribution to sub-goal 12.5 is particularly important, where waste generation is to be reduced through prevention, recovery, and recycling on a global scale. In addition to repairing and selling green electronics, we hope that our customers and partners will build knowledge and capacity to address climate change.

In addition to Goal 12, we also work with two other goals, specifically Goals 7 and 13. Goal 7 is about universal access to electricity at an affordable price, which is best achieved by investing in clean energy sources such as wind, solar, and thermal energy. Goal 13 is about climate action. Climate action is absolutely necessary in this time, as everyone around us, both locally and globally, is experiencing the consequences of a lack of effort to have a sustainable and future-proof development.

Goal 13: Climate action.
CO2-neutral websites, green shipping, and environmentally friendly packaging – the new standard?

In addition to repairing and selling green electronics, Mentech hopes to build knowledge and capacity to address climate change. Our current efforts within this goal include climate partnerships, CO2-neutral websites, green shipping, and environmentally friendly packaging.

CO2-neutral shipping and packages
Mentech’s products are packaged securely in environmentally friendly packaging. When a package needs to be transported from one place to another, it cannot avoid some form of CO2 emissions. Therefore, we have entered into an agreement with Post Nord, where we reduce CO2 emissions from driving through extra payment for shipping.

CO2-neutral website & Growing Trees Network Foundation.

Both Mentech and Mentech ECO have now CO2-neutralized websites. We participate in a Danish climate initiative that aims to have companies of all sizes and industries join forces to neutralize the CO2 emissions caused by their websites. The background for the “CO2-neutral website” initiative is that internet and computer use today cause more CO2 emissions than, for example, air travel. In addition, 15% of Mentech ECO’s profits go towards planting trees. In collaboration with the Growing Trees Network Foundation, Mentech has planted nearly 500 trees in Denmark over the past two years.

We are proud to have joined the UN’s Global Compact and Global Compact Network Denmark at Mentech A/S, which recently launched the world’s largest Corporate
Sustainability initiative and the largest Danish network for
green businesses.

Responsibility and sustainable development

We look forward to supporting the network’s objectives
and helping to set the standard for responsibility and sustainable development in the private sector. As part
of the Global Compact, we are committed to adhering to
Global Compact’s 10 principles within human rights,
labour rights, the environment, and anti-corruption, as
well as aligning with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility – report

Our latest CSR report for 2020 describes the business and developmental initiatives and actions that Mentech implemented in 2020/21 related to sustainability and social responsibility.